Mobile Solution

Enhance your event.

Bring clarity to your next event with our high-resolution modular LED displays.

What we do

We are the region’s leading provider of mobile, high-resolution modular LED displays.

For the past six years, Advanced Visual Solutions has provided top-of-the-line mobile jumbotron rentals nationwide. Now we’re taking our service to the next level. Get ready for higher resolutions and custom solutions with the standard of service you’ve come to trust. We’re changing the game. Learn more »

Fully Mobile

LED Display Trailers

We’ve upgraded our most popular product, our mobile trailers, with new LED panels that offer better resolution, a brighter image, and better overall performance. We’ve also upgraded the control and production space in our trailers to better suit our clients’ needs. With new control systems and media playback, our new trailers represent the cutting edge of mobile production equipment.

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Built to fit

Modular LED Screens

The same new panels that are in our trailers can be configured into custom shapes and sizes for any venue or event. These modular screens come in compact cases that can easily be transported to your location. Whether the event is indoors or outdoors the modular LED screens are fully weatherproof and be seen perfectly in direct sunlight.

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Full service

Production Services

AVS offers additional services to provide clients with a total package solution including: camera packages, audio, content creation, live streaming, event recording, and advertising. These services deliver a complete solution for any event with AVSLED screens.

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Get Started

Contact us for booking info, detailed technical specs, or to get your questions answered by an AVS technician.

Draw a crowd

Our screens have been used at events with thousands of spectators.

With the latest in LED technology mounted in our versatile mobile trailers, audio solutions that offer superb sound quality, and add-on solutions to crew your event, we can ensure that your entire crowd will enjoy the show.

The X5 Panel

All of our products are built on the Absen X5 LED Panel. These panels are weatherproof, flexible, and offer superior image quality over other indoor/outdoor panels.

ACE Certified

We are proud to be an AbsenLED “ACE” Certified Partner.