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About Us

AVSLED is a Pittsburgh-Based LED Display Solutions Company

How it all started

Our Background

Founded in the fall of 2010 as a portable display rental company, Advanced Visual Solutions has evolved into a full service LED display provider and production services provider. Our team has years of experience in the professional broadcasting industry which gives us a unique advantage over our competitors.

The AVS team has experience ranging from remote sports production, racing events, live events, and concerts.

This experience not only enabled us to better outfit our LED solutions, but it allows us to better understand the requirements of our clients. From high end network shows to small corporate venues, AVS has the experience to make your event a success!

The AVS Advantage

Our screens are operated by highly trained and certified engineers with years of experience in the broadcast industry.

When you hire AVS LED, you get a reliable, professional solution.


A Full Service Provider

As AVS has grown, we’ve added services.  We now offer custom modular LED Screen buildups that allow us to make LED screens in different shapes, sizes, and aspect ratios. We’ve also added camera packages, audio equipment, live-streaming, and more to continue to meet our client’s needs.

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Regional Support

In addition to providing screens, we also support customers that own their own screens.

Our engineers can help consult, install, configure, and troubleshoot LED screens and systems on-site.


AVSLED is proud to be an AbsenLED “ACE” Certified Partner. This certification is designed for engineers, who are installing and maintaining LED products, and makes us an additional resource for our clients.

Get Started

Contact us for booking info, detailed technical specs, or to get your questions answered by an AVS technician.


No, the screens can be seen in direct sunlight.
No prices fluctuate with each type of event and screen you choose.
AVS travels nationwide to provide the high quality jumbotron rentals.
Yes, AVS can provide signage for the panels flanking each side of the screen. AVS also came up with an innovative solution to allow clients to wrap the entire trailer with advertisements. Installed along the roof of the trailer is a rail that allows banners to be secured and draped over the sides of the trailer. This rail provides the flexibility to hang large and small banners the entire length and width of the trailer.
Quality sound adds another dimension to the complete solution AVS provides. We have active line array speakers hung from the screen itself that not only that provide a higher quality sound, but also have a larger coverage area than your standard speakers.
No, the trailer has an on-board generator that is whisper quiet and extremely fuel efficient. The generator allows 40+ hours of continuous run time without needed refueled.
You can show nearly any type of content on our 4K compatible LED screens. We have designed our trailers to accept virtually any type of professional and consumer content. This includes DVDs/BlueRay and Computer (VGA or DVI). There are many other inputs and content options available, please check our specifications for a complete list.
We have multiple units available, please contact us today if you are interested in having multiple screens at your event!
Yes, we offer both content creation and full production services. We can offer a complete solution for your event including professional video services, Pro audio services, live web streaming and full content/graphic production. Call us today for more information on how we can service your entire event!
Our screen is IP66 rated. What does this mean? It is fully weatherproof, and can withstand rain, heat and cold temperatures. It also can withstand wind up to 40 mph!
The possibilities are endless. Our screen can be used for tailgate parties, corporate events, movie nights, concerts, fundraisers, game nights, sporting events and advertising. These are just a few examples,contact us today if you are looking for a way to visually enhance your next event.