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Our Services

Screens of any size and shape, completely customizable for your event.

Right-sized LED Screens

Customize your solution.

At AVS, we provide large-screen viewing solutions for events nationwide. With our LED trailers and modular LED build-ups, we are able to offer solutions for a wide variety of events and venues. From small concert venues and corporate meetings to stadiums and arenas, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

The X5 LED Panel

All of our screens are built around the Absen X5 LED Panel. In addition to being some of the highest resolution indoor/outdoor panels in the entire country, these LED panels are also fully sealed & waterproof, bright enough to be viewed in direct sunlight, controllable enough to be used indoors, and able to be configured in different shapes or even in a curve. Learn more »

Additional Services

In addition to our LED screens, we also offer add-on services that allow us to provide a complete solution for your event. Each of our trailers comes equipped with a production rack that includes a switcher, ssd-based playback device, and more.

We provide camera packages, content creation, live streaming, and other services to make us your one-stop-shop for your next event.

A solution for everyone

Our highly configurable solutions offer a wide range of flexibility for any event. We enhance:

• Concerts
• Sporting Events
• Parties
• Corporate Gatherings
• Meetings
• Grand Openings
• Screenings
• and more

Our Services

  • Modular Displays
    Custom size, shape, and mounting options, these screens are incredibly configurable and versatile.
  • LED Display Trailers
    Portable, self contained LED screen platform with a small footprint, and quick setup / tear down.
  • Production Services
    Camera packages, audio, live streaming, content creation, advertising, and more