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Modular LED Screens

Screens of any size and shape, completely customizable for your event.

Right-sized buildups

Customize your solution.

Our Modular LED Screen Build-ups give clients the ability to have a screen of any size and shape set up at their event. Just like our trailers, these screens can display video or other content from a wide variety of sources and they have the ability to scale content to fit their unique size.


Fits Any Space

Because they are modular, these screens come into your venue in roller cases filled with LED panels, allowing us to easily build a very large screen in a space with a standard access door, something that would be impossible with our trailers.


Unmatched Versatility

Unlike a projector, our Modular LED Buildups are weatherproof and can be seen in full sunlight, work indoors and outdoors, and can be controlled remotely from almost anywhere at your event.

Technical Specifications

Standard Sizes

While our Custom Build-Ups can be configured to a variety of shapes and sizes, we offer these as standard
• 6.6′ x 3.7′
• 13.1′ x 7.4′
• 19.7′ x 11.05′

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Our screens can be connected to almost any type of video device: bluray & dvd players, laptops, mobile devices, gaming systems, and more via HDMI, HD-SDI, component, composite, and more.

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Power Consumption

Unlike projectors, our X5 panels are very efficient, requiring just one dedicated 20amp circuit for most configurations.

We will review our power needs during the site survey, conducted with every client.

Rigging and Mounting

Custom Build-ups aren’t free standing, so they require some kind of rigging. We can hang these build-ups from truss, stands, beams, and other structures. We’ll work with your facility to determine the best solution for your event.

Get Started

Contact us for booking info, detailed technical specs, or to get your questions answered by an AVS technician.

Our Services

  • Modular Displays
    Custom size, shape, and mounting options, these screens are incredibly configurable and versatile.
  • LED Display Trailers
    Portable, self contained LED screen platform with a small footprint, and quick setup / tear down.
  • Production Services
    Camera packages, audio, live streaming, content creation, advertising, and more