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We provide end-to-end solutions.

AVS offers additional production services to provide clients with a total package solution including: camera packages, audio, content creation and advertising. These services deliver a complete solution for any event with AVS LED screens.


AVS provides advertising signage for the panels flanking each side of the LED screens, allowing our customers to brand our trailers. AVS also came up with an innovative solution to allow clients to wrap the entire trailer with advertisements. Installed along the roof of the trailer is a rail that allows banners to be secured and draped over the sides of the trailer. This rail provides the flexibility to hang large and small banners the entire length and width of the trailer. The signage or banners can be made to reflect the content or company renting the screen, or it can be sold as advertisement to help offset the cost of the screen.

Camera Packages & Operators

From a single camera for a small event to a multi-camera live show, we can provide all the hardware and manpower needed to show your event. Camera packages include tradition wired and wireless systems.

AVS works with experienced camera operators and industry professionals.

Live Web Streaming

Live web streaming for audiences that can’t be at the physical event is an ever-increasing request. This service allow you to broadcast your event and sponsors to the world at large.

Using a simple URL link, our stream can be viewed on computers and mobile devices, or embedded in your custom web page.

Content Creation

Done in-house, we can create graphic & video content for playback at your event. From static graphics to full video production and animation packages, we have a solution that will fit your content needs.


AVS’ built-in line-array speakers systems offer superb audio playback for large and small shows. In addition, all of our systems support wireless microphones and unlimited types of sources.

Our audio systems are expandable to support the largest crowds. Call us today to discuss the right solution for your event.

Event Recording

Record your event for later post-production, distribution, or other promotional use.

In addition we also offer immediate on-site duplication.

Social Media

Display real-time social engagement with your audience on our screens.

Advertisers want to see traffic. With our screen at your event, you can drive traffic and measure engagement. Call us today to learn how!

Full Production Package

Roll several of these add-ons together and incorporate one of our trusted directors, camera ops, or PAs, and you’ve got a full production.

Get Started

Contact us for booking info, detailed technical specs, or to get your questions answered by an AVS technician.

Our Services

  • Modular Displays
    Custom size, shape, and mounting options, these screens are incredibly configurable and versatile.
  • LED Display Trailers
    Portable, self contained LED screen platform with a small footprint, and quick setup / tear down.
  • Production Services
    Camera packages, audio, live streaming, content creation, advertising, and more